Industry professionals share their advice for beginning bartenders

Successive generations are able to pass on their wisdom from one generation into the next. They don’t need to start at zero in order to get an advantage.

Imagine yourself starting in the hospitality industry today and having advice from Gaz Regan or David Kaplan running through your head.

I decided to gather the wisdom of these industry professionals and seasoned bartenders to help newcomers to the industry.

This is the purpose of this article. Instead of trying to answer these questions by myself, I have gathered the advice of 13 bartending veterans. These industry professionals are more than qualified and ready to offer advice to new bartenders.

While the whole ‘devil-may-care-wild-eyed-party-guy’ bartender bit seems fun now if you want true success you have to know this is a profession, not a lifestyle.

2. Take care of yourself – exercise regularly, wear sensible shoes, eat well, and drink plenty of water.

3. Nobody cares how much information you have until they care how much.

4. As many distilleries and tasting rooms as possible.

5. It is not about what you do to people, but how they feel about themselves in your space.

6. Bartenders who know more jokes than mashbills are not good.

7. Recognize the differences between mentors and teachers.

8. Keep in mind the platinum rule of hospitality. Treat others not as you would like, but as they want.

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