Best Online Mixology Schools & Courses for Beginners

A career in bartending can offer a great lifestyle and a rewarding career. Many people look into online courses and schools for bartending to help them get their first job. They are not wrong, I’m sure!

It’s a great job and there is ” never an dull moment“. It’s a completely different job than an office job. You never know what you might encounter next at work.

You’re here if you enjoy the idea of making drinks and socializing to make a living.

Education is crucial for all careers and skills. Online bartending classes and online mixology training can help you excel in your job.

You can earn real income by bartending. In 2022, the average bartender salary was $24,000/year + tips. Some bartenders earn $100k/year. It is possible to work at night and have a regular job. This can help you accumulate a lot of cash if you add in tips.

You are an aspiring bartender. There are essential skills that you must have before you can start your career. It is important to know how to mix drinks properly, how to handle customers and how to work behind the bar.

You can take a look at these online schools of bartending and decide which one is best for you.

Some people cannot afford to travel abroad. These classes will help you perfect your craft.

Bar Smarts (Beginner Bartending School online)

BarSmarts is a course that teaches beginning bartenders how to mix drinks. It also teaches the essentials of bartender service. The course “Spirits and Wine Knowledge for Beginners” is available to help you get started. It includes the following concepts.

  • Basic Production Techniques
  • Introduction to Spirits & Liquors
  • The Essential Concepts of Good Service
  • Bartending basics

The other course they offer is the “Comprehensive Bartenders Spirits Training”, which includes the following courses.

  • How to Taste Like a Pro
  • Drink Production in-depth
  • History of spirits and liqueurs
  • Comprehensive Cocktail Compedium
  • Service Management Techniques

Students must pass various tests to determine their level of knowledge and ability. They will receive a bartender certification online if they pass all tests and other events. Online bartending schools such as this have produced many great bartenders.

Bar owners have stated that they won’t hire bartenders who are not certified by this school.

A Bar Above Mixedology Certification

(Best Mixology Schools Online)

Although this online school is more advanced and offers many of the same skills as BarSmarts, it’s still easy to learn. Chris Tunstall, the founder and owner of this online bartending school, created it to help students and share his passion for mixing great drinks.

Mixing drinks and cocktails is a true art form for him. He enjoys creating new drink combinations, such as bitter or sweet elements, to create his own drinks.

For aspiring bartenders looking to improve their skills, this is a great opportunity. You can access the program anytime, anywhere.

This is the second course that you should take if you want to achieve the BarSmarts certification.

TIPS Certification (Procedural Bartending School Online)

TIPS is a licensing program for bartenders that teaches you how ethically to be a great bartender and keep your customers happy.

You may encounter difficulties with any alcohol-related job, such as bartending. If they’ve had too much alcohol, guests who are intoxicated can become angry, moody, and even violent.

How can you tell when someone is reaching their limit? This course will help you identify signs that indicate intoxication and how to protect your guests as well as your customers.

TIPS stands to “Training For Intervention Procedures.” TIPS was awarded the Intercontinental Hotel Group Award by the National Restaurant Association for responsible bartending.

TIPS certification is required for bartending. This is due to the many accidents, including car accidents, that can result from being too drunk in bars or restaurants. This course will allow you to demonstrate your skills as a responsible bartender by successfully completing it.

This course is required depending on where you live. It also serves as your online bartending license.

Mix World-Class Cocktails – The Secrets of a Champion Mixologist

This course covers the fundamentals of bartending and gives you great tips to become a professional mixer. This course was produced on Udemy, which hosts many other online barstending schools. It features Paul Martin, who holds the world record in speed mixing and is the master of many bartending skills.

Martin has been a bartender for over 30,000 people over the past 25-years and has perfected his skills.

This online course covers classic cocktails as well as modern cocktail mixology and garnishments to add flavor to your drinks. Paul teaches you how to master the craft and the tools of the trade.

Bartending Mastery- Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass

The mixology course is an excellent overall course and showcases the talents of Michael Miller, a bartender. He’s been to all corners of the globe bartending, and he learned in Barcelona. He stresses, however, that it is very expensive to travel abroad for your bartending license.

Instead, he offers his “Barmastery Course”, which teaches you all the skills you need to be a successful bartender.

Customer service is one of the best aspects of this course. Bartending is unique in that it requires customer service. Miller discusses the importance of how you present your cocktails to create a loyal client base.

Your presentation skills, social adaptability and ordering knowledge are key to becoming a great bartender. You will need to be able to show people how you think and order the products they want.

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