Barware Review, Bar Tools and Glassware Review

Amazing news :-). What made it even better was that after I won, they reached out to me because they were interested in what I was doing with I explained what it was all about, and they asked if I was interested in starting a YouTube channel. However, I needed to stock up on barware. (Isn’t it amazing how bartenders rarely own their equipment?

They kindly sent me a sample of their products to get me started.

Naturally, I was thrilled. I had heard of before, but this was my first time using them, so I was curious to see how they performed.

I am happy to report that these products exceeded my expectations on many levels, even though I set a high bar (pun intended).

These are just a few reasons I recommend this barware for anyone looking to increase their stock.

  • They are both functional and beautiful, easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. It’s a classic combination!
  • They are well-made, so I won’t need to replace them as often as with lower-quality barware.
  • These are a great value for money considering their high quality.
  • They ship internationally and offer a huge variety of products. They have a huge selection of products. It is amazing how many products they offer. It must be overwhelming!

You can read more about their barware, glassware, accessories, and bar tools ranges. Here’s a selection of items from several lines. I will also highlight the differences between them. Olea Range

I was especially impressed by the line of bar tools. You can only find the Olea Range at They are beautiful, functional, and well-made. These items are essential for mixologists, so they’re worth adding to your arsenal.

2-Piece Copper-Plated Cocktail Shaker Set

This set comes with a base tin of 28 ounces and a smaller model (16 ounces) that seals well for making martinis or other craft cocktails. They are made of stainless steel and have a gold-plated finish. These will last for years of entertainment. Olea also has a 24-ounce, 3-piece cocktail shaker with a built-in filter. I prefer the 2-piece set.

Copper Plated Japanese Tall Jigger

Another matching item in the line, this one offers the perfect 1-ounce to 2-ounce pour every single time. The Japanese-style construction allowed me a firm grip on my jigger to avoid any spillage. These copper-plated products are not dishwasher-safe. They will need to be washed by hand after a busy service.

4-Prong Drink Strainer (Matte White).

This four-prong strainer is tightly wound and will fit standard cocktail cups. The white color is distinct without being too obvious. It also allows very little ice to escape from the martini glasses because the seal is tight enough to keep it in place.

Copper-Plated Bar Spoon With Weighted Tip

This bar spoon’s balanced weight and easy-to-grip handle made it easy for me to spread fresh mint into my latest batch. It is 40 cm long from tip to end to fit in standard glasses and pitchers.

Barware Roll

Like me, you want to store all your tools in one place. This canvas-and-microfiber roll will safely store various tools, from filters to bar blades to mixing spoons. It measures 26 inches in width by 17.5 inches in length and is sturdy enough to be transported well.

Monogram Tools

V-Rod Bottle Opener

Although I was skeptical about ever giving up my bar blade, this handy gadget made me a believer. Even better, I got the Crafty Bartending initials engraved on it!

The keyhole-shaped design is also great for cracking open tallboys. It can also remove pour spouts out of empty liquor bottles. This feature is a blessing if you have ever used a Kahlua pourer to eliminate sticky weeds.

Baryonic Tools

These bar products are not luxury items but worth considering if you want to up your game.

1-Ounce Jigger Caps – Set of 12

These silver pourers are sleekly designed and can keep fruit flies away. They also serve as perfect pours, measuring one ounce of booze at once. Professionals might consider purchasing several sets of 12 as they are sufficient for most home bars. However, the price is affordable enough to make this an attractive option.

Stainless Steel Citrus Squeezer

It is a joy to prepare citrus juice according to my specifications. This ensures that every cocktail has the best taste and freshness. This tool allows you to squeeze just the right amount of lime juice into each margarita. Fine-mesh filters are great at removing seeds and unwelcome pulp.

Stainless Steel Lemon Zester

A limp lemon twist can ruin a drink; citrus to order is a good example. A zester will ensure that all the fruit juice is incorporated into your glass and not dried in your fruit tray. The little black ridges at the handle were a great feature that prevented the tool from sliding during use.

Stainless Steel Nutmeg Grater

Spiked eggnog (or Brandy Alexander) is my most popular cocktail during the winter and fall. Neither of these drinks would be complete without freshly grated nutsmue. This investment will pay off in the long term and make for a better beverage.

Chef’s Santoku Knife

Regular readers will be familiar with my love for a good knife. The knife is strong, sharp, and has a nonstick coating that allows ingredients to slide off the blade instead of drained down the sink. It is 9.5 inches long, so it will not take up much space behind the bar.

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