This is how it feels to enjoy a drink at the highest rooftop bar in the world

There are two types of luxury: there is a luxury and there is a dining-in-the-clouds luxury. This is exactly what Ritz-Carlton guests in Hong Kong can expect. This hotel is known for its excellence and boasts the world’s highest rooftop bar. If you thought New York or Tokyo would be the best choice, reconsider. This bar is the highest on the planet and offers breathtaking views that will make you reconsider having another cocktail.

Even those who aren’t afraid of heights will fall in love with this rooftop bar’s atmosphere, architecture and design. Enjoying a cocktail while looking down at the entire world below is rare.

The OZONE Bar is appropriately named.

OZONE is the best name for a rooftop bar over 1,000 feet above sea level. While Hong Kong visitors may have a spectacular view of the Ritz-Carlton from the ground, the 118th floor provides breathtaking views. A drink, tapas, and this view are the best way to see this magnificent city.

The Bar Itself

OZONE’s atmosphere is amazing, and the architecture seems to defy logic. Wonderwall, an interior design firm based in Japan, designed it in an attempt to create something entirely surreal and ethereal. Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong stated that the aim was to create an “Edenic Experiment”, which included an artificial environment inspired by nature in an imaginary world. The theme is evident from the moment guests reach the top floor. Signs of the theme can be seen throughout the trip, including in the elevators.

To reach the rooftop bar, guests must take the main elevator to the 103rd level. No elevator goes straight up to it. A host will welcome guests and take them to a private elevator that will take them up to the top. Visitors are encouraged to take a look around the Ritz-Carlton before they go. After guests have made their way down the express elevator to the 118th level, they will be welcomed by a futuristic, chic, modern-looking bar lobby. The bar lobby features a sleek black leather sofa with multi-colored pillows and neon lighting as guests walk down the mirrored corridor.

The windowsills are the same height as the mini tables around the bar. This gives guests the illusion that there is nothing between them and the city below.

The Bar Terrace

The terrace is open to guests who need a break from the city’s neon lights and metropolitan atmosphere. The terrace would take the heights to a new level if they were previously considered dizzying.

There are glass walls around the terrace to provide the best view of Hong Kong and seating during warmer nights or days. It can get quite windy at this height, so guests should be careful during inclement weather.


OZONE offers small plates called tapas for those who want a quick bite. They include items like sushi and maki. Brunch is offered on Sundays for those who prefer a daytime view and a DJ. The menu changes seasonally, including three pages of red, white, and champagne wines. 13 more pages offer classic cocktails, signature cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also get tea and coffee at night, but they aren’t just for daytime or brunch.

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