How to Learn More About Mourvedre?

Mourvedre is a great choice if you like red wines with many flavors. This small, sweet, and tannic wine, sometimes called Mataro or Monastrell, packs a powerful punch. If you are a regular full-bodied red blend drinker, you might have consumed more. It is often found in blends with syrah and grenache.

What is Mourvedre?

Mourvedre, a dark-skinned variety of red grapes, is found in many viticultural regions around the globe. It is used in red blends because it produces tannic wines high in alcohol. However, it can also be vinified monovarietal. The grape buds late and ripen later. It is best suited for hot and dry climates. Mourvedre berries grow small and compact on the vine. They are usually found in conical clusters.

Where is Mourvedre from?

Mourvedre is a Spanish grape that originated in the Mediterranean region. However, it is often associated with southern French wine regions like Provence and Rhone Valley. The grape can be found in Spain’s Valencia and Jumilla regions. Mourvedre is a major player in South Australia’s viticultural scene.

How is Mourvedre made?

Mourvedre can be vinified in many styles. The final flavor profile of the wine will depend on the producer and their preference. Mourvedre can be used in both blended and single-varietal winemaking. The grape’s ability to bring color, tannins and gamey red-fruited flavor to the final wine makes it a popular choice for blends.

What are the Other Names of Mourvedre?

Most of the world recognizes Mourvedre as a grape variety, but there are other names for the variety, such as Mataro in Portugal and Australia and Monastrell in Spain. There are about 100 possible names for Mourvedre around the world.

What is a GSM Blend?

GSM blends consist of a mixture of grenache and syrah grapes. These blends are most often produced in Australia and the South of France, but domestic expressions are increasing.

What does Mourvedre taste like?

Mourvedre can be used in blends, or it can be vinified by itself. It is well-known for its ability to produce tannic and flavor-packed wines. Mourvedre is known for its distinctive flavors of dark berries, red fruits, game, and earthy.

What foods go well with Mourvedre

Mourvedre wines are best paired with hearty food due to their full-bodied, rustic nature. It is best to pair it with braised beef, roast leg lamb, or savory vegetarian dishes.

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge

Domaine Tempier is the king of world-class Mourvedre. Lucien Peyraud of Tempier was the one who put the Bandol AOC onto France’s radar and also helped to pioneer the cultivation of Mourvedre in the South of France. His efforts led to Mourvedre being planted again in the region. It must now be at least 50% in all red wines under the Bandol AOC. This famous Cuvee is 75% Mourvedre derived from 40-year-old vines planted in clay-limestone soils. The wine has a complex blend of dark fruits, spices, and game flavors. It also contains dusty tannins that give it a polished, mouth-coating finish.

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