California Central Coast Wines

You want sunshine in a glass. California’s Central Coast is the place to go. This vastly viticulturally diverse area is known for its warm, sunny days and stunning vineyards. The Central Coast of California has it all, whether you prefer full-bodied reds or marine-influenced whites.

What Regions are considered to be on California’s Central Coast?

The Central Coast AVA covers a large area in central California. It runs from Contra Costa County to Santa Ynez Valley. There are 40 AVAs in the region, including Paso Robles and Santa Barbara, including each sub-AVA.

What Wines are Made on the Central Coast?

Wines from the Central Coast come in a variety of flavours. Because of the vast topographical diversity of the Central Coast, the vineyards can thrive in all climates and only a few soil types. The Central Coast is home to all types of wine, including red, white, and rose. Most wines from this region are still unaltered.

What grapes are used in Central Coast Wine?

Many grape varieties are grown on the Central Coast, but the region is best known for pinot noir, Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara. Cabernet sauvignon, cabernet sauvignon, and other Bordeaux varieties thrive in Paso Robles.

What does Central Coast wine taste like?

Wines from the Central Coast have a wide range of flavour profiles due to diverse soil types and climate conditions. Cooler-climate wines at higher elevations will have lower levels of alcohol and higher acidity. Hotter regions, especially those further inland, will produce more ripe, bolder wines and have a stronger alcoholic punch.

What are some good food pairings with Central Coast Wine?

There is no dish that a Central Coast wine can’t pair with because of its versatility. Look for Central Coast chardonnay, sauvignon blanche to pair with shellfish and salads or lighter happy-hour snacks. A Central Coast pinot noir is a great choice for veggie burgers, charcuterie boards and games. A robust red wine from Paso Robles is the best choice for red meats, burgers and heartier food.

Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Chardonnay

This bottle is the California chardonnay Goldilocks-pleaser: It’s rich enough to please those who like full-bodied wines, but it also has enough acidity to satisfy those who are slackers. It has lovely flavours of lemon cream, citrus zest, and a hint of toasty oak. It is concentrated and bright and will pair well with many foods. If stored in a cellar, it should last for at least ten years.

Field Recordings SKINS Orange wine

Do you remember how we said that the Central Coast has it all? Orange wines are no exception. This easy-to-find, skin-contact wine can be found in a small bottle. It is made using sustainable farming practices and environmentally responsible packaging. The wine’s just-grippy enough palate will bring out the flavours of orange blossoms and apricot skin.

Stolpman Vineyards La Cuadrilla

Santa Barbara syrah is known for its pioneering role by the Stolpman family. While we enjoy every variety of Santa Barbara syrah bottling, this one is worth celebrating. This rich, flavorful red blend of Sangiovese, grenache and syrah is full of red and dark fruits, dried flowers, and cracked black pepper. La Cuadrilla is named for the dedicated team of vineyard workers who work year-round to maintain the vineyard. The family members of these dedicated employees receive all proceeds.

Tablas Creek Patelin de Tablas Rouge

This Rhone blend will rival Paso’s cabernet. This wine is made from grapes from nine vineyards in the region, including grenache and Mourvedre. The wine has a pleasant finish with flavours of plums, ripe black cherries and damp earth. You can either drink it right away or let it sit for up to three years.

Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard Roses of Grenache: A Tribute To Grace

Angela Osborne, the winemaker, has a passion for California grenache. While we love Angela’s varietal red version, the zesty, flavour-packed rose ticks all our boxes. It is made from old vine fruit grown at 3,200 feet above sea level. Angela has to tread it before fermentation and skin maceration. It has the delicate aromas of citrus peel, rose petals, and crunchy red fruits.


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