Best Bar Spoons of 2022

You’re likely to have heard “shaken not stirred” when asked for. A good stir is essential for a Negroni, Sazerac, or any cocktail served on the rocks.

You could use a regular kitchen spoon, but these long-handled utensils were made for cocktails. These utensils are great for mixing and chilling ice. The long handle can hold shaker tins, rocks, glasses and highballs. The spoon end measures approximately 1 teaspoon. This is ideal for measuring small amounts of floating ingredients, such as Penicillin and New York Sour. These are our top picks for stirring up cocktails.

Cocktail Kingdom Teardrop Spoon is the Best Overall

Cocktail Kingdom’s Japanese-style option has a weighted teardrop on one end and a curved spoon. The top has a weighted teardrop that allows you to stir quickly and smoothly. On the other hand, the spoon allows you to stir and flavor a cocktail.

The longer handle makes it easy to stir, whether you have small hands or are a seasoned bartender.

Best Gold: Cocktail Stirrer CB2 Brushed gold

This bar spoon is a classic bar spoon with flat spoon ends. This tool is one of the most beautiful. It has a hand-polished Champagne gold coating and a protective lacquer to protect it from rusting in your drink. Hand washing is required for this piece.

It measures only 11.75 inches in length, making it smaller than a standard bar spoon. This makes it ideal for single-serving cocktails. You can mix your Negroni with this one or Don Lee’s Benton’s Old Fashioned. CB2 offers a matching brushed gold strainer and an ice shovel for a stylish home bar.

Red Tip Bar Spoon is the best budget

Bartenders and regular barflies will immediately recognize the red cap on this red-tipped bar spoon. This bar spoon is a sturdy workhorse that can foam, mix, float, and stir easily.

Twisted handles help layer and combine flavors while swirling and spinning ice in the container of your choice. It is easy to clean up and can be thrown in the dishwasher.

Best Set: Hiware Bar Spoon Set 3

Can’t decide between European, American, or Japanese-style bar spoons? The set includes all three. The bar spoons are made from premium-grade 18/10 stainless steel, durable, rust-proof, and easy to clean at night.

Bar spoons are available in three lengths: 12-, 12- and 11. They can be used in a cocktail glass, shaker, or mixing bowl. This brand suggests that you choose the right bar spoon for your glass or type of cocktail. These extra-long spoons are great for cocktails and serve as stirrers for larger coffees and cold drinks.

Gaz Regan Negroni Finger Stirrer is the best gift

If you’ve ever been to the bar of the late great Gaz Rogue, then you know that he loved to dip his finger in a Negroni and give it an enthusiastic stir. While health restrictions might prevent us from making Negronis these days, you can still honor one of the pioneers of cocktails by using his Negroni finger stirrer.

The Stirrer is a cast of Gaz’s finger made from stainless steel and gold plated. Although the gold-plated version cannot be washed, there is a stainless steel option. This gift is perfect for the bartending geek.


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