Best Gifts For Tequila and Mezcal Lovers

One thing to remember about mezcal and tequila lovers are equally in love with the spirit’s history as the liquor itself. Jimenez stresses that “as a rule, I recommend things which support and promote community.” It is crucial to purchase tequila or mezcal from brands that support sustainability, not only for the product but also for the people involved in its production.

Don’t buy shot glasses! Instead, choose thoughtfully-made gifts that pair well with your favourite bottles. Along with other agave specialists, Jimenez recommends the best gifts to mezcal and tequila lovers.

Best Overall: Volcanic rock Mezcal Flight Tray

You can try a range of mezcals and tequilas and compare them using the flight board. Or, you can add some spice to the proceedings with a blind tasting.

Ron Cooper’s Best Book: Finding Mezcal

Jimenez recommends that you gift this book. This book is perfect for lovers of agave spirits. This book follows Ron Cooper, an influential voice in the artisanal Mexican mezcal movement, as he travels through Mexico with his deep love of the spirit. This book is a must-read for anyone who has recently gotten into mezcal or has been drinking for a while.

Best Bottle: ArteNOM Seleccion de 1414 Reposado Tequila

Each category of tequila is unique and has its fans. There are bright, zesty Blancos and rich, woody extra anejos. But for many agave lovers, nothing beats the smoothness of a reposado. This must be left in the barrel for at least two months. Artem is an exclusive series highlighting different tequilas made by master distillers under one brand. Feliciano Vivanco’s excellent reposado spends ten years in ex-bourbon barrels to create an elegant tequila full of tropical, sweet, and nutty flavours.

Best Tequila Glasses: Riedel Ouverture Tequila Glasses

Jose Valdez is the Maestro Tequilero at Tequila Partida. Good tequila should always be enjoyed, so I recommend getting glassware. These glasses are great for tasting tequila, whether I am drinking it while at work or just enjoying it with friends. The flute glass allows you to appreciate the organoleptic qualities of tequila, such as its colour, brilliance, and cleanliness. The glass’s narrow dimensions encourage the concentration of aromas and enhance the layers.

Best Mezcal Glasses: Cocktail Kingdom Veladora Mezcal Glass

The majority of tequila-lovers in North America prefer shot glasses. However, agave spirits are typically sipped from copitas (small bowls made of clay and coconut shell), but veladoras provide another option. “Copitas are gaining popularity as mezcal and tequila become more popular (and look beautiful), but I find traditional shot glasses easier to store and maintain,” says Daniel Villa, a bartender at MILA Miami.

Based on the small glasses used in Catholic churches to hold prayer candles, these vessels are the best of both worlds. They are specifically designed to highlight the complex flavours and can be doubled as shot glasses if needed. Villa says you’d find these glasses in more bars and distilleries than clay copitas if you travelled throughout Mexico. Villa says that they would look great with orange slices and sal de gusano. Each veladora is just under 3 inches and can hold 2.7 ounces of agave spirit.

Sal Con Gusano and Agave Worm Salt are the best pantry items.

Cheap mezcal meant for US import was used to come in a bottle with a maguey worm (parasitic larvae from the agave plant). This practice is no longer in fashion, but there is still an option for parasites. You can use their ground-up shells to flavour mezcal. Villa explains that these spices were traditionally sprinkled on slices of orange and eaten as snacks between sips. Sal Mitla’s dual pack includes sal con guano, worm salt, and sal con Chaplin, grasshopper salt.

Best Reposado: Don Fulano

Destiny Aragon, a bartender at Youthblood in San Diego, says, “Finding great tequila should always involve how the distiller respects agave quality.” She adds that reposado tequila is often substituted for whiskey in classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan. For their Don Fulano line, the Fonseca family has made tequila since the late 1800s in Atotonilco (Jalisco). They use a unique dual-distillation method: both an old-style double column still and a traditional copper pot still to distil the distillates. The resulting tequila is consistently flavorful and elegant.

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