Best Gifts For Bartenders

Bartending can be exhausting due to the physical and mental demands it entails. A thoughtful gift can show your appreciation to any bartender you know. These are our top picks for bartender-approved gifts that will positively impact their professional and personal lives.

Best Overall: Godinger Dublin Crystal Punch Bowl Set

There are many great punch bowl sets available. The best ones include a punch bowl, a spoon, and matching teacup-like drinking vessels. This Godinger 10-piece set is an excellent example. The intricate etching on the pedestal punchbowl and matching cups will add a luxurious feel to your bartenders’ new centrepiece.

Best Value: Barrel-Aged In A Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral

Bars now offer barrel-aged cocktails. These are finished cocktails that have been aged in small barrels for several days to impart rich, woody flavours. Bartenders don’t have the luxury of barrels, and their potency decreases after being used a few times. This means that they won’t be able to do a lot of R&D on new or unusual cocktails. Give your bartender the gift of experimentation this holiday season. Infusion spirals from Barrel Aged in A Bottle are made from American oak and charred at a robust level to #3. They fit easily through any 750ml. Bottle. The budget-minded bartender can now experiment with oak-aged flavours, even if they don’t have any barrels.

Best Splurge: Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker

You might find that the bartender shopping for you relies on silicone moulds to make ice. This can be a time-consuming process. A countertop or integrated ice maker would make a great gift for bartenders like Leah Schoenburg of The Dandy Crown. She says that ice trays are not enough when you make cocktails.

Best Stocking-Stuffer: Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Your favourite bartender deserves to unwind after a long day. Corkcicle offers the WhiskeyWedge kit. Place the angled silicone mould in the old-fashioned borosilicate glass and let it freeze for a few minutes. This glass-ice combination has as little contact as possible with the ice. It is ideal since melting ice speeds up dilution. Your favourite bartender deserves to take a break after a long night behind the bar! This creates a unique visual display of the post-shift drink that your favourite bartender prefers.

Best Gadget: Breville Smoking Machine

Bautista mixes the drink (fig-infused Elijah Craig Bourbon, Cardamaro and Braulio) and then pours it into an elegant decanter. Then, he adds smoke from applewood chips to the gun. Once enough smoke has been accumulated in the decanter’s neck, Bautista removes the gun’s end cap and seals it with the topper.


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