Best Flavored Gins to Try in 2022

Although the world of flavoured Gin is rapidly growing, not all seasoned Gin is created equal. So what is the difference between “regular” and flavoured Gin? Experts have spoken.

Flavoured Gin is not a new concept. Its history goes back more than seven decades. “Flavored gin has existed since the 1950s, but today’s varieties have a stronger colour to appeal to consumers who are looking for visually enticing mixed drinks and cocktails as well as great tasting, great-tasting, mixed drink and cocktail options,” states Desmond Payne, master distiller at Beefeater Gin. Payne says that experimentation and discovery drive growth in the gin category. This allows consumers to be excited about the category’s flexibility and dynamism. Flavoured Gin, in particular, is known for its playful approach to colours, garnishes and glassware. It also has a lot of innovation.

Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin wins the Best Overall

ABV: 40%

Sipsmith is a leader in the world of flavoured Gin. This fruit-driven, tasty expression is made with strawberries from Hugh Lowe Farms, England. Hugh Lowe Farms is the only grower of Wimbledon strawberries. The spirit is pot-stilled and vapour-infused. It also contains a few other delicious botanicals. You can expect fruity flavours such as strawberry, citrus, juniper, and mint to lead to a long-lasting, smooth finish.

However, the flavour doesn’t end there. Sipsmith has a range of fruit-forward options for looking for something else. Sipsmith’s Zesty Orange and Lemon Drizzle bottlings are more citrus-forward spirits. Sipsmith also has a bottle available for those who want to delve deeper into the sloe category of Gin (that is, Gin that’s been infused with fresh-harvested sloe berries).

Bombay Sapphire Bombay Bramble Gin is the best budget

ABV: 43%

Ryan Wainwright is a bartender and national brand ambassador of Bombay Sapphire. He explains that there are many ways to flavour gins, including extracts, maceration and flavour compounds, and infusions and artificial flavours. He says that the distiller/distillery can develop ideas about how gins obtain their flavour. The sky is the limit. Bombay Sapphire’s flavoured Gin (Bombay Bramble) has notes of blackberry and raspberry and citrus zest and juniper.

Wainwright offers a variety of options when it comes to flavoured gins. It’s easy to use a bottle of flavoured gins if it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. You can enjoy a Gin and Tonic if you like it. Just change up the garnish to match the Gin. Wainwright suggests adding some blackberries and a lemon wheel to a Bramble.

Best Cucumber: Prairie Organic Cucumber, Mint & Lime Gin

Region: USA (Minnesota) | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Cucumber, Lime, Coriander

Can’t decide between cucumber, mint or lime? Prairie’s organic flavour gin makes it easy to make a choice. This slightly stronger-proof Gin was made in Minnesota. It is made with all-natural organic ingredients, including fresh mint, cucumber, and citrus grown in the Midwest. The Gin’s palate is cool and refreshing, with slightly sweet undertones. This leads to a refreshing finish. You can’t go wrong with this Gin, whether you drink it alone or mixed with some tonic.

Best Seasonal: Isolation proof Winter Gin

ABV: 47%

Isolation Proof’s Winter Gin is a flavour-packed, powerful gin. This seasonal Gin is made with an infusion from loose-leaf Earl Grey Tea, raw honey from the distillery’s beehives in the Catskills, and spring water from the Hillside behind the “distillery Barn.” Thanks to the honey, tea leaves, and juniper, it has a warm, long-lasting finish.

Sherry says that he prefers to extract flavours from his flavoured Gins using maceration, distillation and barrel ageing, depending on which botanicals were used and which flavours he would like to see in the final spirit. He says that he prefers to extract the flavour of allspice by distillation. This concentrates the essence of the spice I love and leaves behind any bitterness or astringency.”

Best Pink Gin: Salcombe Rose Sainte Marie Gin

ABV: 41.4%

Pink Gin is just what it sounds like. It’s a flavoured gin that uses red or pin botanicals after distillation to give its unique hue. Salcombe’s unique expression is a standout in this category. The company’s Rose Sainte Marie expression was inspired by the Mediterranean flavours found in the south of France. It is distilled with various botanicals, including angelica, strawberries, and Macedonian juniper. This Pink Gin is also made without artificial colours, sugars, or artificial flavour.

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