How to host a pub crawl?

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a 24-hour holiday from Lenten dietary restrictions. But Americans have made it a drinking holiday with bar crawls and bar-hopping. This is a great advertising opportunity for your bar. To increase your business, consider hosting a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in your pub on March 17.

What is a Bar Crawl?

Bar crawls (also known as “pub crawl” and “bar crawl”) are social activities that involve participants visiting multiple bars on foot and buying one drink at each of the bars they visit. This activity lets guests experience different bars and meet new people.

Pub crawls allow you to spend time at each bar before moving to the next. This is often called bar-hopping. The pub crawl allows patrons to visit multiple bars while still taking a walking tour. This is a great way to see the craft beer scene in a new city.

Socially Distant Bar Crawl Ideas

A pub crawl can be difficult in 2022 due to the coronavirus. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to host one. These bar crawl ideas will help you keep your social distance in mind if you want to host one during the pandemic.

  • Patio Partnership Weather permitting. Partner with local bars that offer a comfortable outside patio. This gives bar-goers plenty of space to spread out.
  • Vendor Booths – Get involved with your local farmers’ market or bars in parks to put up booths outside that your customers can visit during your event.
  • After-Hours Hunt: Place bottles of your signature beer in a designated area such as a field. To reduce the number of guests, you can use paid time slots. This will allow for plenty of cleanups and reset time.
  • Assorted Beer Kit: Work with local breweries and assemble a selection of beers to offer your customers a pub crawl inside a box. These should be shipped if you intend to.

Ideas for Bar Crawl

Small groups usually organize bar crawls, but pubs and bars collaborate and plan official pub crawls. St. Paddy’s Day makes a great occasion for hosting your first bar crawl. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Get together with other local bars.

It is your job to make your bar stand apart from the rest. However, the best way to get lots of business on St. Patrick’s Day is to partner with other bars. It’s impossible to host a bar crawl if you don’t have other bars. So give your neighbors a call to see if they’re interested in hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party. Partnering up means patrons will spend more time at each bar than if they only give their business to one.

Pick a Pub Crawl theme.

Once your pub crawl has been approved, you can choose from several bar crawl themes. It’s easy to make a St. Patrick’s Day theme with green beer, green decorations and leprechaun-inspired costumes. You can even hire a band to play traditional Irish music, or you could consider playing authentic Irish music. Stock up on green tableware such as drink napkins or plastic cups to create a cohesive visual appearance.

Paddy or St. Patrick?

Because Patrick is short for Paddy in Ireland, St. Paddy is preferred. Use the correct Irish spelling for your St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl banners and marketing materials to make it authentic.

Advertise your bar crawl

Once you have chosen a theme for your pub crawl, promote it online and with flyers. You might register your St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl on an official website that allows customers to search for your event and purchase tickets online. You can build hype by creating an event and promoting it on social networks. Talk about a fixed price for the evening. This will include drinks discounts at each bar and any fun giveaways you may wish to give away at the beginning of the crawl. A price range between $15 to $30 depends on the items you offer.

Create a Bar Crawl Schedule and Map

Participants will locate their way easily by having a map showing all participating bars. It would help to mark bus stops and their schedules on the map. Also, make sure you include the numbers of local taxi services. Customers want to have a fun night and know they will be safe on the way home. Give crawlers wristbands at the start line (after verifying their IDs) so that bartenders instantly know who is involved in the event.

Organize Bar Crawl Games

All guests are invited to participate in a raffle at the beginning of your Irish bar crawl. A raffle for gift cards to participating bars is a great prize that encourages guests to return to their bar crawl again. You can coordinate with your partners to ensure there’s something at each stop of the crawl. You can host St. Patrick’s Day games, offering prizes such as green beads and free beer. To keep your customers entertained, offer St. Paddy’s-themed face painting. They will enjoy their visit to your establishment and be curious about what awaits them at the next stop on the route.

These are some fun pub crawl games that you can offer your patrons:

  • A scavenger hunt that crosses the bar crawl route
  • Pool tournaments
  • Trivia


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