Underbar Equipment

Bars face the primary challenge of optimizing their service efficiency in tight spaces. The right underbar equipment is crucial. There are many bar layouts and different needs. Underbar equipment allows you to add work and storage space to your layout by fitting neatly under countertops.

Underbar Equipment Essentials

These underbar necessities will help you increase efficiency and make your bartender’s job easier.

Underbar Sinks

Underbar sinks encourage frequent handwashing in tight spaces. Some models have one to three compartments so bartenders can clean and sanitize glassware by hand. Glassware can be dried in an underbar sink equipped with drainboards.

You may need an underbar compartment, hand sink or a glasswasher to clean your glasses. There are both manual and electric submersible glasswashers.

Dish and Glasswashers

Manual glasswashers have a drawback. They require labour and time. This can be problematic in high volume rushes when you need glasses to be cleaned quickly and put back into circulation. You may want to install a commercial undercounter dishwasher that can wash and sanitize large quantities of glassware in a very short time. Some units even have 90-second cycles! It is very easy to use and requires little effort.

You will need the correct sized glass dish rack for your particular glassware height and width if you buy a commercial undercounter dishwasher.

Ice Bins

It is important to have ice on hand for quick chilled drinks. This is especially true if you offer frozen cocktails. The underbar ice bins are different from traditional ice storage containers in terms of size, capacity and construction. The majority of underbar ice containers are made from stainless steel and have a smaller capacity than the commercial ice container in the kitchen. You’ll use the ice container in the kitchen to refill the bar. The stainless steel structure insulates the water to prevent it from melting.

The underbar ice bins must be emptied at night. However, most models include a drain at the bottom, making this easy and quick. They are easy to set up and move around, as most models can be positioned freestanding.

Underbar Blender and Work Stations

You can never have enough prep space in a fast-paced bar. A blender station or common workspace provides a stainless steel top for making drinks. Stainless steel is a great choice because of its durability, ease of use, and low maintenance. An underbar workstation can be installed to help keep the bar’s top clean for guests.

Blender stations provide:

  • Ample space to store your bar blender.
  • Ingredients for frozen concoctions.
  • Other items in one location for a smooth flow of service.

Blender stations are sometimes called mixology stations because they provide enough space for bartenders to create their signature cocktails quickly.

Many workstations combine all the best, allowing you to maximize the space behind your bar. You will find sinks to wash dishes quickly, ice bins for convenience and a place for a blender. There is also prep space, bottle tubes, and storage for glassware. There are many sizes available on our website. However, several manufacturers can customize units to fit your bar layout. We can assist you in this process.

Glass Storage

It is important to plan strategically for glass storage. If proper maintenance is not done, glasses can break, and replacement costs could rise. Glasses can break easily if they are not stored properly. While many glasses can be stacked, they should not be stacked.

Many workstations have glass storage areas underneath. This is a great spot to store beer or mixing glasses. We recommend installing a glass rack under wall-mounted cabinets for stemmed glassware such as wine glasses.

glass chiller can be installed to store and cool beer glasses quickly.

Bottle Troughs

Bottle troughs and liquor displays are storage spaces for liquor bottles. Many liquor stores like to make their selections easily visible so guests can see them. There are many sizes and types of bottle troughs. Some can be used as a standalone unit, while others can be attached to existing workstations. These are designed to make serving easier and faster by having essential liquors and cocktail mix supplies at hand. They can also be placed near the preparation area.

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