Pop Culture-Themed Bars

Some people will drink simple drinks with no gimmicks and minimal decor. We like to have fun. Themed bars provide spirits that liven up the evening and an atmosphere and decor that gives patrons an unforgettable experience.

Nearly every major city has one themed bar that embraces a quirky aesthetic. Pop culture is so prevalent in our lives that more people are searching for bars with themes based on their favourite films, music, and tv shows. Here are some of the top bars around the globe.

1. The Hobbit Pub, Southampton, UK

Have you ever wanted to visit the Shire? This little pub in Southampton, UK, is Tolkien-themed all the time. This theme has many advantages as old-timey pubs can be found in Middle Earth for a penny.

2. The Elvis Room, Portland, OR

Elvis is a time capsule-like few artists. His Graceland home and the entire Elvis aesthetic are so dated and old-fashioned that it’s almost funny. However, it is not hard to believe that King fans are hungry for the taste.

3. Noir Lounge – San Francisco, CA

Since The Maltese Falcon was released in 1941, San Francisco has been a Noir symbol. Noir Lounge is one of the most popular bars in San Francisco. Noir Lounge, located in Lower Haight, is the perfect place to celebrate the genre.

4. Austin, TX Mean-Eyed Cat Bar

Although the man in black may have thought it was too much on the nose, the Mean-Eyed Cat Bar of Austin deserves to be commended. The dive with Johnny Cash theme is an excellent representation of Country’s favourite bad boy. This building was once a chainsaw repair shop. It reflects the working spirit and character of the state.

5. Lebowski Bar – Reykjavik, Iceland

Films with a signature drink are better. This is an objective fact. The Big Lebowski is the one who owns The White Russian, thanks to The Dude’s love for them. The Dude and his favourite drink were immortalized by Lebowski Bar, Reykjavik.

6. The Edison – Los Angeles, CA

The Edison is located in the heart of an ex-power plant. It embraces every steampunk fan’s ideal aesthetic. This luxurious bar/nightclub combines old-fashioned aesthetics with a bit of steampunk clockwork.

7. Hollywood, CA: Scum and Villainy

Are Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge beyond your budget? Are you still tempted to go to the cantina for a glass or two of blue milk? Scum and Villainy are here to help you solve your galactic problems. This popup has become a permanent fixture along Hollywood Boulevard.

8. Beetle House – New York, NY

Since PeeWee’s Big Adventure, the Time Burton aesthetic has been a favourite of many. Beetle House has locations in NYC and Hollywood and embraces all of the strange Gothic delights Burton offers. It is your new favourite watering hole.

9. ABQ – London (UK)

It might seem like Albuquerque has the best Breaking Bad themed bars and not London. ABQ is more insane than you may realize. It is the first molecular cocktail bar in the world.

10. Giger Bar – Chur, Switzerland

Alien may not be the most appealing film, but the Giger Bar design is something you must see. The bar is located in Chur in Switzerland and is named after H. R. Giger (artist and designer), who inspired Ridley Scott’s Alien films.

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