10 Bars In Unique Locations

While you can get a drink almost anywhere, visiting a bar in an unusual and fascinating location is much more enjoyable. Here are our top picks.

Going to a bar can be a pleasant way to spend your free time. While many choose this activity for the drink (e.g., a beer or two) and the people (such as friends, family, or coworkers), it is also a great place to hang out.

These unique spots are better than any boring, ordinary or boring hangout spot. They all offer events, drinks, and food that bring people together. But they are also known for their unique settings and fascinating environments.

1. The Tunnel Bar

The Tunnel Bar, a fancy lounge famous for its large martinis, is located in Northampton, Massachusetts. This building’s brick and stone were original from 1896 when it allowed people to board trains.

The menu offers a variety of drinks, including martinis or desserts. It includes beer, wine, and cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Dark & Stormy, and Strawberry Basil Margarita. There are also food options such as Truffle Fries and Meyer Lemon Lava Cake, all of which can still be enjoyed in a tunnel.

2. The Wreck Bar

The bar overlooks a swimming pool, which is home to mermaid shows. There are delicious cocktails and seafood options, but the main draw is the entertainment. People can enjoy/watch/enjoy The AQUAMEN’s Underwater Burlesque Show and MeduSirena’s Live Mermaid Show.

The Wreck Bar is located at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. It’s one of many entertaining ways to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the beach. ).

3. Secrets

Ocean City, Maryland, is home to another bar that features aquatic themes. Visitors can enjoy food and drinks at the Main Bar, Beach Stage and Nite Club. A full lunch and dinner menu is available, and a raw bar serves clams and oysters, lobster, shrimp, lobster, and mussels. There’s also a drink menu with Seacrets Storm, Seacrets Passion, and Seacrets Bay Breeze specialities.

Their own distilling company is even available. This waterfront bar, restaurant, and nightclub has the best part: people can enjoy all this while sitting on rafts or under palm trees.

4. The Airplane Restaurant

What number of people claim to have had a meal in an old plane? This can be done at The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This Boeing KC-97 was built in 1953 to assist in refuelling aircraft. This vehicle has been serving food like sandwiches, portions of pasta, seafood, burgers and salads since 2002.

Guests can enjoy food and drink while also taking in the artefacts, photographs, and memorabilia aboard this aircraft.

5. Cahoots

An abandoned train station in London’s Soho district was once used as an air-raid shelter. It is now Cahoots, which has a 1940s theme. People visit this bar for live entertainment, drinks, and food. There are two sections: the Underground and Train Carriage.

You can also enjoy a picnic or afternoon tea here. The adult beverages are called various names, including Eiffel In Love with a Soldier, Apple Of My Eye, and The Strong Stuff.

6. Vin De Syrah

Vin de Syrah is a secret escape that offers music, small bites, and many drink options. It’s located in San Diego, California. This combination of New York’s hip lounges with Parisian brasseries creates a hidden oasis decorated with natural chandeliers, vines, and wooden tasting tables, lit with candles.

You can always find special events, parties, wine tastings, and speciality cocktails.

7. The Chandelier Lounge

Las Vegas is well-known for its extravagant entertainment. One spot that offers a few drinks is The Chandelier. It is located inside The Cosmopolitan. Three levels of this structure offer three bars. Level 1 at its bottom is a place that elevates a traditional casino bar to a new level. This work of art offers Level 1.5, a sophisticated place to enjoy a handcrafted cocktail. The lounge at the top offers a great view.

Oh, and there are two signature drinks: Whiskey Business, a twist to the Old Fashioned, as well as We’re All Mad Here. This gin-based drink changes colours and has an edible tag, making your tongue tingle.

8. Container Bar

Like Vegas, Austin is known for being bold and big. Container Bar decided to build a cool bar instead of a boring environment. Instead, they stacked seven shipping containers together to make a unique place.

This bar features ciders and beer from top brands like Shiner, Lonestar, Austin Eastcider, Shiner, and Shiner and signature drinks such as Vanilla Peach Shany, Red Headed Stranger or Rainey St. Mule.

9. Vessel

The vessel is an old church that used to be located in the middle of New Orleans. You can find fresh, local food and seasonal drinks here. Some of the memorable names for the drinks include Mezcal Paloma and Truth Be Told.

What about the name of the location? It comes from three sources. A vessel uses 12 glasses to serve drinks. The name Vessel also refers to the holy vessels found in churches. The ceiling also looks like a ship’s hull.

10. Spoon And Stable

Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the last unique bar on this listing. Spoon and Stable is the name of this bar. It was founded by an award-winning chef who returned home to his hometown in Minnesota. The first time it opened was as a horse stable in 1906.

This spot offers a variety of dishes, including a Duck Egg Omelette, Buttermilk Waffles, and a dessert menu that includes a Brulee Lemon poppy seed cake. A bar menu also features beer, wine, and cocktails such as Chokeberry Spritz, Kingston Flamingo, and Old Spanish.

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