Build your Café Brand with Social Media: 10 Power Tips

The rise of social media is helping cafes all over the globe to grow their brands. While your Cafe may be the most trendy on the block, there is a good chance that you’re not on social. This is because someone else is using social media to grow their brand.

If you know the basics, it’s easy to build your Cafe brand using social media. It is easy to master. It’s important to stay consistent with the basics. Here are some ways you can jump on the social media bandwagon and help your business grow.

Know your customer

What do your customers want? Before that, who is your customer? This is a big question. Take some time to consider it. You might find that your customers prefer sandwiches with vegetables and protein, which could indicate that they are office-goers. This is a sign that your customers care about their health. This bit can be pinned and used to create a menu that appeals to your customers. You can also share it on social media.

Keep true to yourself at the Cafe.

Your Cafe may be an artsy cafe that artists visit, and your menu reflects that. Make sure your social media personality or image reflects that. While promoting your brand through social media, you want to preserve the essence of your Cafe. Your social channel covers can be used as a canvas to showcase your image. This will ensure that things remain level on the ground and on social media. These images could be photos of your Cafe’s interior or images that your customers share.

Photos and videos are the best way to show your support.

Most Cafes use Instagram and Facebook as their preferred social media channels. Both Instagram and Facebook are great social media channels to share visual feasts with your customers. It’s not surprising that photos and videos are a big hit on social media. Particularly if they are colorful, bright and interesting pictures of food. A great photo or video of your staff cooking a delicious dish is what wins.

It is better to have less than you think.

It is not a good idea to flood your channels with videos and photos. Overloading your channels with photos and videos is not a good idea. Be gentle with your frequency. It is a good rule of thumb to only post when you have something worthwhile to share. Always choose quality over quantity. You could run weekly or seasonal themes to fill in the gaps until you have something.

Use hashtags

Hashtags help your posts get discovered. If someone types #foodphotography in the search bar on a social media channel, it will filter for content that uses this hashtag. Although hashtags can be very creative, it is best to first search Google for popular hashtags related to your Cafe’s offerings. Use 3 hashtags per post on Facebook.

Promote your posts

You can promote your posts by using hashtags. While promotion can cost money, you will get targeted distribution of your posts among people who are most important to your business. Promoting limited-time offers and deals is something you’d want to do.

Use a social/community angle.

Without a social or community angle, Your Cafe is incomplete. Let your customers know that single mothers make your cookies. Be objective and not naive. It is important to recruit support and give your Cafe a more human face.

All comments are welcome.

You don’t want to ignore comments on social media. Even if you are only saying thank you or promising to get back to you soon, you should respond promptly. This is a great way of building loyalty and positive sentiment around the Cafe brand.

On Instagram, go Instagram-specific.

Share more than the content you have on Facebook. Instagram’s thumb rule is to be vibrant and photogenic. Your posts should reflect the essence of Cafe culture. In both videos and pictures, create consistent imagery that represents your brand. Make sure to time your Instagram posts to coincide with when people are most likely to order food.

Campaigns with a theme

This is an extension to promoting your posts. These campaigns are a great way to generate business during any season. Campaigns could be based on your signature dishes. For example, a #JuicySteakWednesday campaign could be created if your steaks are a success. Get it out on social media with great photos and hashtags. Promote to a limited audience for a minimal budget.

Take-out quick

  • Be true to your Cafe experience and remain consistent. Your Cafe experience must reflect what you post on social media.
  • Create a story around your social engagement. It should always be based on your customers and their experiences.
  • When you have something to share, post it. You can’t do it otherwise. However, it would help if you weren’t random about the frequency. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Engaging users with user-generated content can be a powerful way to increase engagement. You could occasionally reserve prime inventory such as your Facebook page header to allow users to share imagery.


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