Bar Etiquette, Tips and Advice

What should you look for in a bar?

Your evening’s outcome will depend on the establishment where you drink. This includes who you meet, what music they listen to, how much money you spend and how strong your drinks are. It is important to choose wisely.

These tips can help you:

A good bar will have many people, strong drinks at a reasonable price, places where you can sit and talk, and noise levels that allow for conversation. You get extra points if the bar is large enough to accommodate more than one person and has enough space so you can avoid particularly hostile clients when necessary. Although cheap is a good thing, you should not consider it too risky or that there are high chances of personal injury.

* The bathroom must be clean and well-maintained. Do not expect perfect conditions in these bathrooms. Use common sense and always go with a friend to the bathroom.

Here are some things you need to know about drinks

* Make friends with your bartender to ensure that you receive great service and perhaps a lower price. Tipping is important.

* Don’t drink anything with an umbrella unless you are on or within ten feet of a beach.

* You can’t take body shots after you graduate from college. However, it would help if you still aimed to graduate with a degree and your dignity intact.


* Be able to tell your friends when to listen. They’re going to be able to spot the difference between your drinking level and bad behavior at bars. You will be more likely not to make a fool of your friends if you listen to them.

* Don’t be surprised if a friend is talking with another person and giving you desperate looks.

* Be aware of when it is best to stay at home. Many unpleasant nights have started by trying to go out, when in fact one should stay in with a book and a relaxing bath. You don’t have to go out just because it’s Friday night or Saturday night. Do your friends a favor, and stay home if you aren’t feeling the spirit. If you’ve already made plans, however, you should suck it up and go. Be cheerful about it. You can duck out early if you have to, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave before midnight or any other time.

The Bartender’s Guide

Here are some tips from a professional bartender to make sure everyone has a great night.

1) Be specific when asking the bartender for a shot or a beer. I don’t know how many times I asked the bartender, “Can you be more specific?” There were over 50 bottles of beer and 10 taps, as well as 25,000 other drinks. You can choose what you like!

2) Don’t stare blankly at the bartender if you’re waiting in line at a bar for a while. Tell the bartender what you want. Waiting in line should be used to decide what you want and not for flirting or chitchatting. Be concise and quick.

3) Women: Do not be offended if someone steps on your heels, bumps into your shoulder, or spills a bit of your drink on you or anyone else. Accidents happen when you go out, especially if you are a woman. It is alcohol and high heels that I blame. If you are planning on wearing pumps out, limit alcohol consumption to one hour, unless your preference is for getting stepped on or stepping on others.

4) Guys, alcohol only enhances your appearance. You are not a superman, immortal, rock god or movie star because of it.

5) Do not feel embarrassed if you are asked to show your ID. This is the job for the doorman. These fines are severe and, in most states, come from the paycheck of the bouncer. If you are denied, don’t get mad. You have lost and gambled.

6) Do not treat another person’s business as your private backyard party. It would help if you didn’t urinate in your trashcan at home, but you don’t have to do it in a bar or club.

Tipping the doorman will make sure he remembers you. However, it will not guarantee you a spot on the next visit. Although you can tip till you’re blue, you shouldn’t expect favors if the doorman needs to get you out of trouble every time you go in the bar.

8) Every rule has a purpose. The rules of bars are designed to protect you against the dangers that we’ve all experienced. Bartenders know the bar better than you!


If you and your friends prefer to save money and enjoy a relaxing evening at home, then turn on some music and grab your favorite adult beverages. For special occasions, you can order custom-engraved glasses to give your home that bar atmosphere. You can stay in and enjoy the best thing about staying home: when your company leaves at night, you are already at home.

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