10 Tips on Surviving Your First Bar Experience

For many young Americans, turning 21 is an important milestone. Most of us will never forget the moment when the clock strikes midnight on your 21st birthday and you enter your first legal bar.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your 21st Birthday, you shouldn’t skip tipping the bartender.

These tips will help you be ahead of your peers if you want to make your first bar experience a success, and not a loss.

1. Always tip.

Perhaps you are a college student in debt and have no money to buy a home. We’ve all been there. Don’t drink if that is the case. Bartenders could also be full-time students trying to make ends meet. You can tip at least $1 for each drink, and you are good to go.

2. When ordering, make sure you have enough money.

Bartenders try to satisfy as many customers as they can on a Friday night. Make everyone’s life easier by having your cash ready.

3. Wait your turn.

Don’t be the guy (or girl ) who pushes up to the bar, lunges at the bar, and shouts at the bartender. Most likely, the bartender won’t notice you until all other customers have been served. Be calm and keep your cash in your hand, and wait for your turn.

4. If you have had too much, don’t expect to get served.

Bartenders are able to tell when someone has had too much alcohol. Don’t be surprised if the bartenders ask you to close your tab or leave if you become sloppy. Respect the wishes of the bartender and leave.

5Pace you.

It might seema good idea to do five car bombs in one row, but it may not be fun.

Be patient. It’s okay to slow down. You’ll save money and probably even make some savings.

6. Mixing too many types of alcohol is not a good idea.

There are many options for beer, wine, and whiskey. The bar menu is a great place to try alcohol if it’s your first visit. Be careful not to drink too many. Take it slow. You can explore the other bars at many other nights.

7. Before you leave the bar, close your tab.

This tip will save you the trouble of running back to the bar at 2 AM to retrieve your credit card. It’s great to open a tab, but you should close it when you are done.

8. Find out how you get home.

are not. Instead, make sure you have a plan before you go. This will help you avoid wandering home at 2 AM alone. It is best to hire an Uber driver or a designated driver.

9. Expect to pay for your drinks.

It’s okay to look extra cute at the bar. But don’t expect that flirting will make you feel any better. Show your friends that you are classy by buying your vodka-cranberry.

10. Do not leave your drink unattended

Although it may sound cliché, this is one of the most important tips you can follow. You will never know what someone is thinking, not even a stranger. You just paid for it. Do not allow anyone to take your drink.

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